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Epi Wit & Wisdom - News Articles and Reports

This chapter contains the best of the regular news articles that have appeared in The Epidemiology Monitor since 1980. It contains 48 news stories placed in seven categories including Controversies, Epidemiology and Policy, Epidemiology and the Law, Epidemiology and the Media, Ethics, History, and articles On Epidemiology as a discipline.

The chapter provides many highlights including 1) a retelling of the fenoterol episode in New Zealand which raised numerous ethical and public health issues for epidemiologists, 2) advice to epidemiologists on how to manage the difficult transition from data to policy making, including a fascinating comparison between how scientists and politicians think, 3) summaries of legal developments pertinent for epidemiologists, 4) insights on how journalists see epidemiology, 5) articles about ethics including a reprint of an article describing early work by Colin Soskolne who was among the first in the epidemiology community to raise ethical issues publicly and call for a code of ethics, 6) historical pieces by David Morens, including his description of how epidemiology was born during the cholera epidemic in Paris in 1832, and 7) a miscellany of articles on the state of epidemiology and the role of epidemiologists, including a series of very thoughtful letters written in response to the Gary Taubes article in Science in 1995.

Asthma Drug Controversy Climaxes With Government Decision to Restrict Use

SER Committee Supports Sharing of Research Data With Interested Outside Parties
Review of Epidemiologic Data on Breast Cancer Screening Evokes Strong Reactions

National Cancer Institute Ignores Advice of Consensus Panel on Mammograms Science-Based Recommendation “Crashes and Burns”

Bernard Fisher Vindicated Researcher Discusses Lessons Learned

Air Pollution Described as Hottest Topic in Environmental Epidemiology Today

WHO Report Makes Recommendations For Greater Use of Epi in Support of “Health For All”
APHA Committee Reports on Policy Making in the Absence of Incontrovertible Evidence
Pro and Con Opinions Expressed About the Involvement of Scientists in Public Policy Making

World Bank Conducting Review of Priorities in Health Role of Epidemiology in Decision Making Said to be Oversold

Transcending the Rational Model: How to Turn Research Data Into Policy
Why Epidemiology is Underutilized as a Tool For Decision-Making in Health Services
Community Members, Epidemiologists, and Political Leaders: Essential Partnership For Sound Health Policy
Translating Epi Data Into Public Policy is Subject of Hopkins Symposium
NY Times Editorial Critical of Tort Lawyers Who Disregard Epidemiological Evidence
Greater Use of Expert Panels Proposed as Additional Means of Presenting Epidemiologic Evidence to the Courts
Epidemiology in the Courtroom
Private Research Group Sees Alarming Trend in New Legal Threats to Epidemiologists
Supreme Court Justice Speaks Out on the Interdependence of Science and the Law
Daubert Decision Seen as a Step Forward in Reducing Junk Science
Colleague Urging Adoption of a Code of Ethical Conduct
Ethics is Focus of Two Day Meeting in Birmingham
Ethics Discussed at International Workshop on Ethics, Health Policy and Epidemiology
Moral Literacy in Epidemiology
Moral Reasoning in Epidemiology
John Snow and the Future of Epidemiology
“Epidemiology is Born”: Cholera in Paris, 1832
REFLECTIONS: Epidemiology—The State of the Discipline
REFLECTIONS: Epidemiology—The State of the Discipline
A Plug For Epidemiologists

WHO’s World Health Magazine Devotes Issue to Epidemiology “Facts of Life” Described as Province of Epidemiology

Epidemiologists Contributing Their Special Brand of Expertise in Rwanda-Zaire    Data Make a Difference

Susser Discusses “Ecologism” as New Paradigm     Dawning of a New Era in Epidemiology is Described

Epidemiology’s Limitations Highlighted in Recent Press Accounts (1 of 6)     Discipline in “Catch-22” Situation

Science Article Critical of Epidemiology Triggers Responses Among Epidemiologists (2 of 6)
Epidemiology Department Tackles Science Article (3 of 6)

Readers React to Taubes Interview  (4 of 6)

Taubes Interview Stimulates Additional Readers to Respond (5 of 6)
Readers Continue to Respond to Taubes Interview (6 of 6)

UNC Epidemiology Chairman Calls For a New “Macro-Epidemiology” 

American College of Epidemiology Will Host Debate on the Future of Risk Factor Epidemiology

ACE Attendees Reject Motion That Risk Factor Epidemiology is Bad For the Field Some Say These Are Exciting Times For Epidemiology

Publication Called a “Ticket to the Mystery and Drama of Epidemiology”    Epidemiologists Called “Illness Tamers”

The Future of Epidemiology  (1 of 3)     Special Exclusive Report

Epidemiologists Meet to Discuss the Future of Epidemiology (2 of 3) 

On the Future of Epidemiology   (3 of 3)

Pittsburgh Epidemiology Chairman Links Survival of Epidemiology to Focus on Public Health Problems
American Journal of Public Health Devotes August Issue to Epidemiology and Statistics

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