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Investigator Calls For An
"Epidemiology of Toxic Speech"

New Journal Editor Takes The Helm
At The Annals of Epidemiology



UCLA Launches Portal For
Public Health Data & Tools




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      Interview With Sandro Galea
  Hopkins Launches Translational Epi Initiative List of Public Health Issues Continues to Grow
  New Limerick Contest Intl "Surveillance Report" on Climate Change
  Robert Pack on the Opioid Crisis Lancet Commission Releases Major Pollution Report
  WHO & UN Team Up On Climate Change 13 Infectious Disease Threats Under 5 Presidents
  Focus Being Placed on "Real World Evidence" WHO Conf Sounds the Alarm on Non-Comm Disease
  NAS Calls for Action to Address Bullying Frieden to Head New Global Initiative
  Doll Lecturer On Role of Epi in Big Data Era Incoming IEA Pres. Barros Presents 2017-2020 Plan
  Zika Occurrence Mystery in NE Brazil Toronto Epidemiologist on Glyphosate
  Controversy Around Glyphosate Categorization Report: Trump Admin Has Harmed  Public Health
  9 Recommendations on Drug Addiction Reprint-1983 Paul Stolley SER President Talk
  WHO Guidelines on Public Hlth Surveillance Can Epidemiology Improve Public Health
  Career Challenges for Women in Epi Commentary Clarifies Different Ways of Working Together
  SER President Addresses 50th Anniversary Meeting Descriptive Epidemiology of Firearm Injury in US Children Published
  Interview with George Kaplan America is Awash in Opioids & Urgent Action is Critical
  Ntl Academies Make Case for US Involvement in Global Hlth Diet & Health Study Finds Risk of Death for Red Meat Consump.
  Gargantuan Issue of IJE Marks Change in Editors Rochester Epi Project Data Available Free to Researchers
  Brief Interview With Stephen Leeder New IJE Editor Epidemiologist Knighted In The French Legion Of Honor
  On the Light Side - CDC EISAA Annual Haiku Contest Epidemiology Societies Speak Out Against Trump Travel Ban
  "Getting Risk Right" - Interview with Geoffrey Kabat Notice From National Children's Study Archive
  Ntl Academy Releases Report on Emerging Science Lychee Fruit Identified as Culprit in Mysterious Illness in India
  Latest Review on Sugar Intake Comes Under Fire Numerous Studies Point to Neurotoxic Effects of Air Pollution
  Ntl Academy Releases Report on Effective Communication Top Stories of 2016 Cover a Wide Range of Topics
  6 Word Contest Winners Announced UK Report Examines Alcohol Burden & Intervention Policies
  Interview With Katherine Keyes Book: "Foundational Principles of Population Health"
  Microcephaly Epidemic Fails to Materialize in Colombia Different Views About Causality Clash in IJE
  Poll Examines American Perceptions About Obesity Systematic Reviews - Increasing Quantity / Decreasing Quality
  2016 Presidential Candidates on Science Topics Marmot Makes the Case Again for Social Determinants of Health
  LJE Conference Touches on Current Issues in Epi Updated Info - Write a 6 Word Story About an Epidemiologist
  Research Found Lacking on Population Health Report - Role of Dietary Sugar in Coronary Disease Downplayed
  Scientists on Biggest Challenges Facing Science Today New Contest - 6 Word Story About Life of an Epidemiologist
  BU Magazine Profiles Dynamic Dean Expected Microcephaly Increase Fails to Materialize
  NC Epidemiologist Resigns in Defense of Public Health Epi Haiku Winners Announced
  Alcohol Likely Cause of Cancer at Multiple Sites 20+ Years of Gordon Lectures
  Gordon Lecturer On Waste In Research Update on Epi Haiku Contest - The Honorable Mentions
  Time to Stop Demonizing Butter US Lags in Reducing Crash Fatalities
  1,500 Epidemiologists Meet at 4th Congress of the Americas Controversy Over Postponing Olympics In Midst of Zika Epidemic
  Interview " Adventures of A Female Medical Detective" Climate Change Called One of Greatest PH Challenges Ever Faced
  Guns in America - PH Burden & Interventions Described Progress & Challenges in Reducing Health Disparities Deaths
  Presidents of Congress Sponsors Address Participants Report on Consensus on Zika
  Interview With "Deadly River" Author Multiple Entries Submitted for Epi Haiku Contest
  Eliminating Hepatitis B & C How Scientists Fail To Impact Controversies in Epidemiology
  Growing Concern About Statistical Errors Bringing Poetry Power To Epidemiology - New Haiku Contest
  'Epidemiologic Reviews' Focuses On The Science Related To Guns Critics Of Counterfactual Movement - “Pragmatic Pluralism”  Better
  Mounting Evidence Implicates Zika Virus Lessons Learned From Failure Of The National Children’s Study
  Researchers  Define New Field Of “Legal Epidemiology” Epidemiology’s Joint Policy Committee Granted 501(c)3 Status
  APHA Revamps Its Public Health Journal w/New Editor Resignations of Current Intl Journal of Epi Editors Surprises
  Interview w/Editors of The Intl Journal of Epidemiology Canadian Epidemiologist Call "Thoughtful Pioneer" For His Study
  Global Public Health Community Takes Stock As Ebola Ends Epidemiologists See to Crowdfund Case Control Study on Cancer
  Mortality Rates Take a Surprising Upward Turn ARC Report Links Meat With Increased Risk of Cancer
  More Focus on Racism As a Key Causal Factor in Health Evidence to Policy - From the Perspective of a Legislator
  Lecture on Social Determinants Listeria Outbreak Solved After Five Years
  "Take Home Messages" on Science Communication Myth About Public Perceptions of Science
  Ebola Enters Third Phase Cumulative Exposures to Asbestos
  What We're Reading - October 2015 Growth in Undergrad Public Health
  6 Million Child Deaths Averted Allen Wilcox Profiled
  Work on Ebola Wins Prize Gun Violence Under Review
  Lucky Iron Fish Wins Prize At Cannes Festival Progress Against HIV/AIDS Documented in UN Report
  Research Reforms Urgently Needed Say Commentators Epi Data Proves Valuable in Vaccine Policy & Preventing Disease
  Epidemiology Training Failing to Keep Pace Latest Journal Impact Factors Released for 2014
  Scientists Call For Moratorium on Oil Sands Development Jonathan Samet Reflects on Training In Epidemiology
  Africans Enthusiastic About New CDC Epidemiology's Policy Voice Gaining New Members
  WHO Hails End of Ebola Transmission in Liberia Bringing Research Findings to the Policy Table Challenging
  Free Online Resource for Teaching Epi (also in Spanish) Best Advice from an Epidemiologist Contest Winners Announced
  CDC Atlanta Agrees to Help Create African CDC Top 10 Causes of Death in the US
  Call for Focus on Consequentiality of Epi Research SPH Rankings from US News & World Report
  IOM Workshop Reports on Premature Death Best Advice from an Epidemiologist Contest Receives Entries
  Group Says Criticisms of IARC Monograph Unconvincing Epidemiologists Enlisted to Study What Works in Online Dating
  Intl Doctoral Program in Epi Focuses on Public Health New Contest - Advice From an Epidemiologist
  Neil Pearce Shares His Views on Conflicts of Interest in Epi Top Ten Epidemiology Monitor News Stories of 2014
  Year End Report - Source, Causes & Evolution of Ebola Top 10 Public Health Stories & Challenges for 2014
  Latest Ebola Situation Rpt Contains Good & Bad News Harvard Epidemiologist Spiegelman Wins NIH Pioneer Award
  Transmissibility of Ebola & Adequacy of Ctrl Measures Epidemiologist Blogs from the Front Lines in Sierra Leone
  Call for Qual. Health Goals to Prevent Premature Deaths Tony McMichael Dies at 61
  Interview-Importance of Research on Health Eff / Climate Chn UN Proposes Sustainable Development Goals
  CDC Director Rpt - Field Visit to Ebola Affected Countries More Than 1K Epidemiologists at IEA World Congress - Anchorage
  Marvyn Susser Dies at 92 In Appreciation of Mervyn Susser
  In Remembrance of Mervyn Susser Impact Factor of Specific Epidemiology Publications
  CDC Director Lays Out Roadmap for Controlling Ebola WHO Director Gives Frank Assessment of Ebola Situation
  Red Cross Blogger's Account of Ebola Outbreak What Every Epidemiologist Should Know About Ebola
  Lancet Highlights State of Health of Americans Containment to Crisis in 5 Minutes - Ebola "Out of Control"
  WHO on Progress on Noncommunicable Diseases Global Action Plan for Noncommunicable Diseases
  Forecast: Alternative Futures for Public Health in 2030 IOM Workshop Reports on State of Obesity Solutions
  New Field of "Energy Epidemiology" Emerging Canadian Entry Wins Marriage Vow Humor Contest
  Report Suggests Being Liberal is Good for Population Health Interview with Miquel Porta - Editor/6th Dictionary of Epidemiology
  Epi Mysteries Still Surround MERS-CoV Outbreak Top 25 Entries Selected in Marriage Vow Contest
  List of "Public Health Issues" Appears to Be Growing UGA Public Heath Graduates Commit to Oath of Pub Health Prof
  Large Gains in Life Expectancy Reported By WHO WHO Director Speaks Pointedly About Accomplishments
  Reader's Take on Conflict of Interest More Than 700 Register for Alaska Epidemiology Congress
  Epidemiologist Defends the Late Pat Buffler Co-Drafters of ISEE Ethics Guidelines Weigh In on Way Fwd
  Linda Cowan Dies at 65 Interview with Alfredo Morabia - Author
  IEA to Hold Drawing for Free Conference Airfare Excerpt from "Enigmas of Health and Disease"
  Ethics Turmoil in Epidemiology Funniest Marriage Vow Contest Deadline Extended
  Le Monde Report Describes Questionable Practices Investigative Report Raises Concerns About the Late Pat Buffler
  Berkeley SPH Stand Behind Buffler's Academic Work Interview with Investigative Reporter about Buffler Investigation
  Lancet Asks - What is the State of Science ? Interview with Human Rights Activist on Recent Reports
  Harvard Study on Eating Nuts Facebook Makes Fun of Princeton Using Correlation as Causation
  Interview With Michael Bracken - Epidemiologist & Author FL Epidemiologist and Her Humorous Tee Shirt Company
  On the Light Side Revisited Create the Funniest Marriage Vow for Epidemiologist - Win $500
  The Science of Science Communication Social & Economic Health Status May Be A Death Sentence
  "Talk Nerdy to Me" Has Tips for Science Communication Epidemiology and Public Health Heavily Criticized by Essayists
  Asbestos Activist Alleges a Failure of Ethics Europeans Launch Initiative to Bridge Health Divide
  Beloved Epidemiology Leader Pat Buffler Passes Away Research in Epi Overly Focused on Etiology
  Reprint - Pat Buffler Speech Epidemiologist Publishes "The Epidemiology of Concussions"
  Emory Receives Gift to Support Excellence in Epi Teaching An Open Letter to the Football Commissioner
  Columbia Epi Dept. Launches 2X2 Project Free Epidemiologic Software Available
  Insights on Translational Epi Boston Globe Profiles Walter Willet and His Research Controversies
  June-2013 Outgoing SER President Sees "Gross Failure" Michael Marmot Gives Keynote at Johns Hopkins
  June-2013 Call for a More Consequential Epidemiology June-2013 Sr. CDC Ldr Tells SER How to Ensure Relevance
  June-2013 Career Vignettes Presented at SER June-2013 Discussion of Training for Epidemiologists
  Apr-2013 Rapid Epidemiologic Investigation Apr-2013 Unconventional Ideas for Fighting Obesity
  Apr-2013 Langmuir Lecture by Jonathan Samet Apr-2013 Snow Celebration Showcases Expanding Use of Epidemiology
  Apr-2013 Lancet Honors John Snow on 200th Mar-2013 / Epidemiologists Testify About VA
  Mar-2013 / Recommendations to Transform Epi Mar-2013 / 6 Essays Describing Key Concepts in Epidemiology
  Mar-2013 / The "Big Picture - Risk Factors for Breast Cncr Feb-2013 / A Modern Day Snow Discovered ?
  Feb-2013 / Events Mark 200th Snow Birthday Feb-2013 / Snow the Movie Wins Audience Award
  Feb-2013 / What Pump Handles Need to be Removed Violence as a Contagious Disease
  US Health Status Inferior Top 20+ Quotes of 2012
  Top 10 Stories of 2012 Science as Evidence in Public Policy
  Epidemiology Involved in MOOCs Finding the Cause of Meningitis Outbreak
  Interest in Public Health Education Grows 11/12 New Executive MS in Epidemiology
  New Knowledge Translation Subspecialty Address Upstream Causes of Ill-Health
  Candidates Quizzed on Science Topics Berkeley Launches Online MPH
  Commentators Fear New Subspecialty Public Perception of Epidemiology
  6th Epidemiology Dictionary Online Epi Journal Interviews
  Science Denialism Topic at Conference Importance of Advocacy
  Asbestos Statement a Critical Contribution New Center for Non-Communicable Disease
  Ethical Guidelines Revised Distracted Driving an 'Epidemic'
  Epidemiologists Review Priorities PIP Breast Implant Risks
  Epi Consortium Reviews Asbestos Data Derek Yach Interview
  Active Collaboration Produces Statement Income Inequality
  Epidemiologists Interviewed on Asbestos NY Tic Disorder Investigation
  Many Endorse New Statement Linking Acetaminophen to Asthma
  The Power of Epidemiologic Evidence New Summer Epi Institute at Columbia
  Surprise Decision Ends YES Program Snow the Movie - Update
  YES Scholars and Others Speak Out Philosophy of Epidemiology Conference
  Case Studies of Data Translation Top Ten Quotes in Epidemiology - 2012
  Hopkins Celebrates 30th Summer Philosopher Offers Different Perspective
  Foege Wins Presidential Medal of Freedom Measles Outbreak in Europe
  Polio Eradication at Tipping Point Six Striking Features of Epidemiology as a Science
  Highlights of Sir Michael Marmot Interviews Measles Eradication Challenges
  Langmuir Lecture on Teen Pregnancy Philosophy of Epidemiology
  Snow the Movie Rosling Delivers Pumphandle Lecture
  Dr. David Barker Wins Doll Prize New Prostate Cancer Screening Advice
  Million Hearts Initiative Canadians Research Citizen Engagement
  Barriers to Policy Use of Data Project to Enhance Local Data Capacity
  Buffler Delivers Montreal Opening Jonathan Samet Delivers NIH Gordon Lecture
  IARC Cell Phone and Cancer Report Stephen Walters Selected to Write Essays About Epidemiology
  Challenges of Data Translation Epidemiologist-Judges Laud Young Epidemiology Scholars
  Exclusive Interview with Nancy Krieger Mississippi Epidemiologist Wins Weight Loss Challenge
  Lead Poisioning in Nigeria    
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