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Epidemiology Limerick Contest Receives Several Entries

Chances of Winning Are Still Good

Submit Now Before  Deadline

We have received a few entries in our limerick contest announced last month. The idea behind our limerick contest is to write the definition of a common word in epidemiology which weaves a joke into an accurate description of the wordís meaning. Readers are encouraged to create a humorous limerick definition for any commonly used word of their choice.

The definition judged to be the most clever, humorous, and still accurate will receive a $300 prize. The deadline for submitting entries to is March 30, 2018. All entries must be original and not obtained from other published sources. Each entry should provide the word being defined in the limerick.

Below are samples of the limericks we have received so far. The number of entries is still small so readers interested in submitting still have a good chance to win.

Sample contest limericks you have to beat to win!

BSE made him stop eating cheese
Steaks and burgers he gave up with ease
He thought eating this way
Kept infection at bay
But he died of mad cabbage disease

When evaluating sets of Mammography
Using x-ray data Photography,
A pair may be a healthy, and Ample Size
But itís not what we mean by a large Sample Sizeó
Ďcause >P is simply Pornography!

There once was a post-doc named Ian
Who found frequentist stats most plebeian.
His approach to statistics?
More probabilistic.
For Ian was truly Bayesian.

There once was a man with inflamed gums
Who dissed flossing the choppers with his chums
While he kept his teeth clean
He failed to get in between
And the plaque left in there made him glum

It could be a spurious association
Or is it a defined relation?
If the latter is true
vaccination might cause flu
But correlation is not causation

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