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More Amusing Entries Received In Limerick Contest

Chances of Winning $300 Are Still Good

Submit Now Before March 30 Deadline

We have received more entries in our limerick contest announced in January. The idea behind our limerick contest is to write the definition of a common word in epidemiology which weaves a joke into an accurate description of the word’s meaning.

Readers are encouraged to create a humorous limerick definition for any epidemiology related word of their choice. Some entries have been submitted without indicating clearly which word is being defined, so please provide that information. Sometimes the word or phrase being defined is obvious, but not always.

A limerick, according to is a kind of humorous verse of five lines, in which the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines, which are shorter, form a rhymed couplet.

The definition judged to be the most clever, humorous, and still accurate will receive a $300 prize. The deadline for submitting entries to is March 30, 2018. All entries must be original and not obtained from other published sources. Each entry should provide the word being defined in the limerick.

The following are additional samples of the limericks we have received so far. These are some of the contest limericks you have to beat to win!


Consider the term “intervention,”
The opposite of inattention:
In short, what you do
Once you’ve processed the clue,
While avoiding a show of pretension.


IBS Disease

A woman with “ibs” can’t control it;
She stays off her bed lest she soil it.
So to take all the guess
Out of gastric distress,
She spends all her days on the toilet.



My doc declared smoking is barred:
I should stop or my lungs will be scarred.
Then he said with a wheeze
"The solution's a breeze...

It’s just the commitment that's hard


Extra! Extra! Of coffee beware!
Causing a huge pancreas cancer scare!
But what of smoking cigs,
Often paired with java swigs?
The real culprit confounded, no fair!


When P values have shown you lubricity
You may suffer from heteroscedasticity
If your rho is too large
Say ‘GEE’ and take charge,
And that should restore your felicity!



There once was a Science called Epidemiology
Statistical results, they make no apology
The distribution and determinants
Ever changing, never permanent
Then followed the trends and looked to defend
All random outcomes through information bias.



It’s more than expected given the past
It’s rife, it’s grim, everyone’s aghast
The egg salad is to blame
Picnics won’t be the same

Let’s just hope this one ends fast. 



A world free of TB is our mission
It’s a disease that’s the worst of conditions
We won’t ever stop
Til we can shout from rooftops:
“No more need for Red Snapper physicians!”



We Epis are often called gumshoes
Tho’ cocktail parties will sometimes confuse
At the mention of skin
We just have to grin
And creepy rash diagnoses refuse.



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