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On The Light Side

CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Alumni Association Annual Haiku Contest

Given the popularity of the recent Haiku Contest we carried out here at the newsletter, The Epidemiology Monitor has agreed to help sponsor the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Alumni Association (EISAA) annual haiku contest. The EISAA contest is carried out differently than the newsletter contest was. The submitted haiku are entered into different subject categories and voters select their favorites within categories and overall. Some of the haiku submitted by readers of the Epidemiology Monitor were included in this year’s EISAA contest. Voting closed on April 26.

Group 1: Global and Domestic Health

A mosquito bite
A devastated mother

Can't eat or go out
Without Thinking of Disease
We know too much now

Stool, rectums, vomit
For enteric pathogens
I have swabbed them all

Ugandan forest
Aedes-bit Americas
It's a Zika world

CDC mantra
Disease is bad, vax is good
We need ACA!

When drugs leave cities,
OxyContin turn heroin,
Treatment not prisons

Mosquitoes bring bad,
Malaria Zika Den-
Gue, can DEET save day?

Loose poop all over
The globe; Vaccines save children, Make world more equal

Many infants saved
Success of safe sleep campaigns
But more work needed

Fugees and migrants
Bolster our nation;
Fear and ignorance won't win

HPV vaccines
Too good to be true? No. But.
Still we plead for use

A mother's tears roll,
The sun sets in the distance.
Darkness falls on all.

D.A. Henderson
He's gone now, just like smallpox
Global health hero



Group 2: EIS Training, EPI-AIDs, Clearance Process

Numbers have meaning
Each a story, a person
Beyond statistics

I stare at the page.
En dash, em dash, or hyphen?
My decision – guess.

Fifty miles or more?
More paperwork fore you go.
Field EISOs!
Only two months left
Until EIS is done
A bittersweet end

Hair thinning, eyes red
En dash, em dash, or hyphen?
Will they notice? Yes!

Bats and skunks and dogs
Will the algorithm tell
Need for rabies shots?
EISO days
Gone but not forgotten fray
Field epi always
EIS is gold
Opportunity to serve
Epi is my life
Em dash or en dash
Or possibly a hyphen
These are things we learn

What is my SOCO?
Can I draw an Epi Curve?
Will I meet my CALS?

Epi aids galore!
And I remain in my cube
but there's a window

Hours and hours
This 5 minute PowerPoint
Has taken from me

Two by two table
Odds ratio close to one
Next hypothesis?

EISOs are
bigly! Really, really great,
Really the best epis

Shoe-worn Langmuir sleuths
Design, conduct, analyze
Epi-Aids save lives

The haikus that were presented in groups three and four were those that were entered in our own haiku contest.
To view those please click here:

Group 5: Other Public Health, Science, and Concerns

Vaccine denial
Climate change skepticism
Science, we need you!

A warming planet
Polar bears just seen in zoos
Stop this nonsense now

EIS nears end.
Excitement turns to panic
What do you mean, "freeze?!"

Jobs, Presenting, Jobs,
Skit Night, Jobs, Q&A, Jobs,
Recruiting, Jobs,...JOBS!

Digging the hole deep
Ostrich buries head in sand
Predators take note

Eighteen percent cut
Making America Great?
What will happen here?

ACA has helped
Our future uncertain now
'Tis Trump-landia'...

Healthy People, where?
In a Healthy World, how?
Prevention funds slashed.

America First
Who needs diplomats, when we
Have bombs, guns, and walls?

Good health for U.S.
That is our sole intention
So...why so hard now...?

Empty ski-lift chairs
Looming in foggy warm air,
Over cold spring snow.

Precision-run fun
Rational-paced sneakers
Win every time

Poison politics
Threaten our greatest mission
To keep us all well

Vaccines, clear water
Go away; Fossil fuels stink,
'Merica first, yay?

I listened to half
of Workingman's Dead before
I reached Clifton Road.

Global health grenade
Trump threatens to pull the pin
Live? Or just a dud

Disparity looms
Equity, Equality
A chance to serve ALL



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