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Epi Wit & Wisdom Resources

In many ways, this was the easiest to prepare of all the chapters in Epidemiology Wit & Wisdom. The overriding criterion for selecting articles in this chapter was that they should still be useful to epidemiologists today and this criterion was easier to interpret than criteria having to do with wisdom or insight.

Why were these articles judged so useful and of such enduring value?

Sometimes it had to do with the knowledge and experience of the writer which was so deep that the tips provided really hit the mark. We think this is the case with the articles on advocacy and on dealing with the media. Sometimes, it may have had more to do with the striving for excellence or comprehensiveness on the part of the writers. Robert McKeown’s lengthy book review of Rothman and Greenland’s Modern Epidemiology and Karyn Pomerantz’ reading list fit the bill for that criterion. Sometimes, the insights were valuable because of the direct personal experience of the writer, such as the pieces on careers in private practice and in industry, on job interviewing,  on funding, on teaching, and on the use of technology. Other items were included because they provided unique information, even though it may be a bit dated, e.g. information about best books and epidemiology subspecialties.

This chapter could appropriately be renamed “Colleagues Sharing Their Wealth.” We trust you will profit as much this time around as you did the first time. And if this is your first encounter with this material, we know you will not lose by investing your time here.


  Advocacy Advocated at Prevention ’90.
  A Few Readers Nominate Books Most Deserving To Be On An Epidemiologist’s Bookshelf.
  More About “Best Books”
  On “Best Books,” David Christie
Karyn Pomerantz The Epidemiologist’s Required Reading List
Karyn Pomerantz The Lay Epidemiologist’s Required, Part Two
Rothman & Greenland, Robert McKeown, PhD Two Part Review of the 2nd Edition of Modern Epidemiology
Robert McKeown, PhD Rothman and Greenland’s Modern Epidemiology Compared With Other Epidemiology Textbooks
Robert W. Morgan, MD The Private Practice of Epidemiology
Ralph Cook, MD An Epidemiology Career in the Chemical Industry
  Readers Identify Over 50 Subpecialties in Epidemiology
  How Many Different Kinds of Epidemiologists Are There, Anyway?
Roye Johnston Interviewing For Success
Robert Wallace, MD, MSc Why Research Proposals Are Marked Down—Reflections of One NIH Reviewer
Patricia Meinhardt, MD, MPH, MA Obtaining Private Foundation Funding: One Epidemiologist’s Success Story
Paul Strudler Tips For Getting Research Grants – Or – “How To Avoid Being Just One of the Pack
Jay Winsten “Dos and Don’ts” in Dealing With the Press
  SER Holds Workshop on Publishing Epi Research
Tom Songer Teaching Graduate Level Epidemiology on the Internet–Lessons Learned
Tamar Lasky Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software


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