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Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) Presidential Addresses
1982:Jennifer Kelsey

On Achievements and Challenges, Cincinnati, Ohio

1983: Paul Stolley

On Faith, Evidence, and The Epidemiologist, Winnepeg, Manitoba

1984: Elizabeth Barrett-Connor

On NIH Funding Procedures, Houston, Texas

1985: Kenneth Rothman

On the Key Role of Criticism, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

1989: Moyses Szklo

On Issues Related to Epidemiology and Policy, Birmingham, Alabama

1990: Jonathan Samet

On the Need for Greater Unity to Meet the Challenges Facing
Epidemiology in the 90’s, Snowbird, Utah

1992: Charles H. Hennekens

On the Value of Teamwork, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1994: Ward Cates

On “Consequential Epidemiology,” Miami, Florida

1995: Diana Petitti

On the Value of Interaction for Epidemiologists of Different Sub-Specialties, Snowbird, Utah

1996: Lewis Kuller

On Seven Curable “Sins of Epidemiology,” Boston, Massachusetts

1997: Leslie Bernstein

On Problems With NIH Peer Review, Edmonton, Alberta

1998: Allen Wilcox

On Positive Trends and Some Advice for Epidemiologists, Chicago, Illinois

1999: David Schottenfeld

On the Need for a New Paradigm Regarding Medical Devices, Baltimore, Maryland
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