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Historical Keynote Addresses
1981: Reuel Stallones

On Epidemiology and Policy Making, SER Meeting, Snowbird, Utah

1985: Lewis Kuller

On Epidemiology and Health Policy, Hopkins Symposium Honoring George Comstock, Baltimore, Maryland

1986: Leon Gordis

On Creativity, Special Report By Bruce Armstrong, SER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

1990: Walter Holland

On Tasks and Challenges Ahead, IEA Meeting, Los Angeles, California

1992: Milton Terris

On the Future of Epidemiology, SER Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1995: Kenneth Rothman

On Eight Essential Qualities of Enduring Work in Epidemiology, SER Meeting,
Snowbird, Utah

1997: Marcia Angell

On Contrasting Legal and Medical Paradigms, AES Meeting, Rochester, Minnesota

1998: Tony McMichael

On a Fuller Understanding of Disease Causation, SER Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

1998: Leonard Syme

On Rethinking Community Intervention Trials, ACE Meeting, San Francisco, California

1999: Alfred Sommer

On the Vitamin A Story, 4th Gordon Lecture, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

1999: Richard Doll

On the History of Tobacco, New York Academy of Medicine, New York, New York

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