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May 2018 Epidemiology Events

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May 2-4
  Conference: 2018 Conference / World Psychiatric Association - Epidemiology & Public Health Section / New York, NY

May 3-4
  Conference: 2018 WREN Conference / Western Regional Epidemiology Network / Ashland, OR

May 8-10
  Short Course: Epigenic Epidemiology / University of Bristol / Bristol, England

May 11
  Short Course: Advanced Epigenic Epidemiology / University of Bristol / Bristol, England

May 12-23
  Short Course: Epidemiology & Statistics for Mental Health Research / University College London / London, England

May 14-18
  Short Course:  Public Health Surveillance / Emory University - Rollins School of Public Health / Atlanta, GA

May 14-18
  Short Course: Cancer Epidemiology / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

May 16-18
  Conference: 10th Regional Scientific Conference / TEPHINET (Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network) / Cartegena, Columbia

May 20-23
  Conference: 39th Annual Meeting / Society for Clinical Trials / Portland, OR

May 21-24
  Conference: WHO World Health Assembly / World Health Organization / Geneva, Switzerland

May 21-June 8
  Summer Program: Summer Public Health Institute / University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN

May 23-24
  Short Course: Cardiovascular Epidemiology / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

May 23-26
Conference: Preventive Medicine 2018 / American College of Preventive Medicine / Chicago, IL

May 28-June1
Summer Program: Summer School in Health Statistics / McGill University / Montreal, Canada

May 28-June 1
Conference: 44th Annual Conference / Kettil Bruun Society / Chiang Mai, Thailand

May 29-June 1
Conference: 26th Annual Conference / Society for Prevention Research / Washington, DC

May 31-June 1
Conference: 4th International Molecular Pathological Epidemiology Meeting / Multiple Sponsors / Boston, MA

May 31 & June 4
Short Course: Introduction to Epidemiology & Study Design / University of Bern / Bern, Switzerland

May - TBA
Short Course: Psychiatric Epidemiology / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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