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March 2018 Epidemiology Events

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March 1-4
  Conference: 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases / International Society for Infectious Diseases / Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 5-8
  Short Course :   Analyzing Risks / Harvard University / Boston, MA

March 5-9
  Short Course:   Intensive Course in Applied Epidemiology / University of Scotland / Aberdeen, Scotland

March 7-9
  Short Course :  Advanced Analysis of Prognosis Studies / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

March 9
  Conference: Microbiome and Population Health / MAC-EPID (center for Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases) / Ann Arbor, MI

March 10-13
  Conference: 42nd Annual ASPO Conference / American Society for Preventive Oncology / New York, NY

March 11-15
  Conference: International Conference on Epidemiological Research /Nepal Public Health Foundation / Kathmandu, Nepal

March 12-14
  Short Course: Women's Health / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

March 12-28
  Short Course: Perinatal Epidemiology & Maternal Health / University College London / London, England

March 14-16
  Conference: ACHI 2018 / Association for Community Health Improvement / Atlanta, GA

March 14-16
  Short Course: Quality of Life Measurement / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

March 15-16
  Applied Epidemiology Scientific Conference / Public Health England / Warwick, England

March 22-23
  Conference: 2nd EDEN Forum / European Dermato-Epidemiological Network / Berlin, Germany

March 19-20
  Conference: 3rd Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology / ISEE - Europe (International Society of Environmental Epidemiology) & Institute of Epidemiology II / Freising, Germany

March 19-21
  Conference: 6th Annual ANISE Meeting / African Network for Influenze Surveillance & Epidemiology / Antananaricino, Madagascar

March 19-21
  Short Course : Mendelian Randomisation / University of Bristol / Bristol, England

March 19-21
  Short Course: Using R for Statistics in Medical Research / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

March 20-23
  Conference: Epi Lifestyles 2018 - Scientific Sessions / American Heart Association / New Orleans, LA

March 21-23
  2018 SEVPM Meeting / Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine / Tallin, Estonia

March 22-23
  Conference: 91st Annual Conference / American Epidemiological Society / Baltimore, MD

March 22-28
  Conference: Epi Congress 2018 / Times Scientific Group / Vancouver, Canada

March 27-29
  Conference: 6th EMPHNET (Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network) Regional Conference / African Field Epidemiology Network / Amman, Jordan

March 28
  Symposium: Early Career Researcher Symposium / Society for Applied Microbiology / Birmingham, England

  Short Course: Mendelian Randomization / Erasmus MC / Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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