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European Educational Programme in Epidemiology (EEPE)


European Educational Programme in Epidemiology (EEPE), Florence, Italy. Registration Open 1st December 20167

Residential 3-week Summer Course in Epidemiology, 19 June – 7 July 20176

Pre-Course week, 13 – 16 June 2017
(can be attended independently from the 3-week residential course)

Contact: and

The course is intended for epidemiologists, statisticians, clinicians and public health practitioners with an interest in epidemiology. The course is taught in English and held in residential form in the “Studium” centre, Florence.

Pre-Course week, 13 June – 16 June 2017.
Two independent courses on: Frontiers in causality in epidemiology: Exposome, and GIS (Graphic Information Systems) in Epidemiology.

Week 1, 19 June – 23 June 2017.
Epidemiological methods I: Basic principles and introduction to study design.
 Statistical methods in epidemiology I: Basic principles.

Week 2, 26 June – 30 June 2017.
Epidemiological methods II: Case-control and cohort studies. Statistical methods in epidemiology II: Analysis of cross-sectional and case-control studies. Computer analysis of epidemiological data.

Week 3, 34 July – 7 July 2017. Nine special Modules:
Advanced statistical topics. Genetic epidemiology. Advanced topics in epidemiology.
 From epidemiology to the burden of disease.  Uncertainty, risk communication,and epidemiology. Clinical epidemiology. Aetological epidemiology. Environmental epidemiology. Concepts and methods in causal mediation analysis.

Evening Distinguished Lectures:
Rodolfo Saracci, Manolis Kogeyinas and Debbie Lawlor

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