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Epidemiology News Briefs - February 21, 2017

Time Magazine Tackles the Epidemiology of Hate

It is neither partisan nor opinion to suggest that the rhetoric surrounding the Trump campaign was definitionally hateful, misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist.” Following the election, Time magazine asked some tough questions about the state of hate crimes and the toll they may take, not just on politics, but also on public health. The piece explores data demonstrating a rise in hate crimes and anxiety levels and questions how the Trump administration might change the way the Department of Justice tackles or even acknowledges these issues. The authors of the piece, including physician and journalist Akash Goel, urge “Given that the downstream health effects of hate crimes and discrimination are so dramatic, public health and medical systems should join these efforts.” Following their call to action, we are also reminded that, “When faced with the threat of pandemic, our public health systems are a fortress. Now, more than ever, they should be leveraged against our time’s most virulent strain: hate.”

Read the article from Time here:

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