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Epidemiology News Briefs - March 15, 2013

Canadian Doctoral Student Talia Malagon Wins EpiDoodle Contest Honoring Snow

We trust you will like and enjoy the new Epi Monitor logo as much as we do! The winning entry in our contest launched earlier this month to honor Snow is the very professional and clean looking design used as the header for our EpiGram of March 15th  and used on our Facebook page. The design was submitted by Talia Malagon, a doctoral candidate since 2011 at the University of Laval where she is studying infectious disease epidemiology.  We plan to exhibit our logo throughout the year in various formats used to publish The Epidemiology Monitor.

Here is the description of the elements in the design of the logo in Talia’s own words:

“In order to honor John Snow, the doodle features a caricature of the man himself, inspired by his iconic portrait picture. The design also features houses on a street served by two different sewage systems intertwining underground. This represents the iconic study done by John Snow where he compared cholera mortality between households served by the Southwark and Vauxhall Company and by the Lambeth Waterworks company, the first taking its water from the impure waters of the Thames in central London and the latter taking its waters uptstream beyond the reach of London's sewage. John Snow's work in outbreak investigation is also represented by a pump replacing the letter r, symbolizing the Broad street pump responsible for the 1854 cholera outbreak in London.”

Talia will receive a $250 prize and a free copy of “Cholera, Chloroform, and the Science of Medicine—A Life of John Snow”.

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