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Epidemiology News Briefs - June 28, 2016

Flu Kills More Than 100 Children And Adolescents Each Year

According to a study published recently in Pediatrics by CDC investigators, estimated child and adolescent deaths associated with influenza averaged greater than 100 per year between1976 to 2007. In the more recent time period, deaths ranged from 37 annually to 358 in 2009 during the pandemic.

In looking at how effective vaccination was in protecting against death, the authors found that overall vaccine efficacy was 65%. Among children with high risk medical conditions, the efficacy was lower at 51%. According to surveillance data, most deaths occur in unvaccinated children.

The conclusion from the study was that vaccination protects both children with and without underlying high risk conditions and that both groups should be vaccinated. The protection was present for most seasons.

The report is in the May issue of Pediatrics 2017;139(5):e20164244


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