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Position Available


Location: Atlanta, GA
Employer: Departments of Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Pediatrics / Emory University / Schools of Public Health & Medicine
Position: Environmental Epidemiology Post-Doctoral Opportunity
Minimum Requirements:  
Contact Name: Michele Marcus, PhD, MPH
Contact Phone:  
Contact Email / Web:

Posted: 1/27/2017
EpiMonitor ID: 2016-2274

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Environmental Epidemiology Post-Doctoral Opportunity

Emory University Rollins School of Public Health

Exciting opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists on a multi-generational cohort study. In the early 1970ís, a mix-up at a chemical plant in Michigan led to the widespread contamination of the food chain with a brominated flame retardant chemical. This cohort study, led by Michele Marcus, has been continuously funded by NIH for twenty years. This was the first study to find earlier menarche associated with chemical exposures in utero and through breastfeeding. Other findings associated with exposure include a dose-related increased risk of miscarriages, altered sex ratio, lower Apgar scores and increased risk of breast cancer among women exposed and an increased risk of urinary or genital problems and slower growth and pubertal development among men exposed. This study also includes extensive community engagement and public health communication.

The Post-doc will play a major role analyzing existing data and publishing. This is a large cohort (~8,000) with extensive data and biological samples collected during 40 years of follow-up.

Research activities include but are not limited to the following areas:

♦    Analyses of exposures, genetic, epigenetic and metabolic contributions to health outcomes.
♦    Analyses of cause-specific mortality in relation to brominated flame retardant exposure during critical windows of development
♦    Analyses of menstrual function data (urinary hormones and diaries) among women exposed in utero or in childhood.
♦    Modeling relationships among steroid hormones, gonadotropins and measures of thyroid function.
♦    Implementation and analyses of a randomized clinical trial of dietary supplement to reduce body burden of lipophilic chemicals
♦    Implementation and analyses of a multi-generational epigenetic study

Please send cover letter and CV to:

Michele Marcus, PhD, MPH
Professor of Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Pediatrics
Emory University Schools of Public Health and Medicine
Atlanta, GA 30322



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