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The Epidemiology Monitor -  December 2017
2018 Epidemiology Calendar Edition

The December 2017 issue of The Epidemiology Monitor is our annual calendar edition. It includes 175 separate listings of events we deem of interest to epidemiologists of different stripes, including conferences, annual or regular meetings of all the principal professional associations of epidemiologists, short courses, summer and winter programs with an epidemiology focus, and several one-of-a-kind events.  As always we've included lots of new job opportunities.
A Participatory Epidemiology Network Conference in Thailand in January
A Hackathon in Argentina in February
A short course on Analyzing Risk at Harvard in March
  A conference on Epidemiological Birth Cohort Studies in Finland in June
  The 1st International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology in Switzerland in June
  A summer program on Social Determinants of Health in London in July
  The 1st Intl Symposium on Life Course Epidemiology in The Netherlands in July
  Marketplace starts on page 17 in this issue

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